5 Issues that Can Cause Damage to Scaffolds

September 12, 2018

Industrially capable scaffolding can take a hit. If a tool drops or the frame nudges a coarse concrete wall, the light metal tubing will shrug off the impact with ease. But what if the temporary erection is heavily impaired? Here are 5 issues that can and often do cause damage to scaffolds.

1. Acts of God

Less cryptically, weather extremes impair scaffolding towers. Just for a moment, pretend we're talking about a less-than-stellar system, one that sorely needs maintenance. The heat of a hot tropical day is hitting the exposed tubing. As the sun drops, the cold evening begins. Then there's rain, which is pouring down in sheets. These are extreme cases, but they happen. Heat and cold, plus precipitation, they combine to cause corrosion, a metal eating disease.

2. Overloading Issues

Teams of scaffolding erection pros, as directed by a competent person, construct the load-supporting frames. The scaffolding supports building materials and workers, plus their own weight, all the way up to the top platform. However, if that load exceeds a predetermined limit, the structure will accumulate damage. Overloaded, the system fasteners buckle, cross-beams warp, and a crucial bracing element shifts. Workers must not overload their platforms.

3. Substandard Erection Methods

Always follow the OSHA regulations and other scaffold-centric guidelines. Basically, the framework shouldn't acquire asymmetric stress. For every downward directed measure of kinetic energy, a properly oriented scaffolding element will couple with one or more of its neighbours to cancel that loading effect. Stabilizing mechanisms, tower-to-structure support lines, and correctly fitted fasteners prevent scaffolding damage.

4. General Wear and Tear

These systems equip industrial work sites with multi-level, at-height work platforms. Consequently, the gear experiences abrasive impacts throughout the passage of an ordinary day's labour. Even while transporting the equipment, the piled up pieces rub against each other. Use proper workpiece stacking protocols to minimize this effect.

5. Poorly Establish Work Protocols

Is there a team member on the top platform who isn't well-versed in the ways of OSHA? He's leaving his tools and construction materials in complete disarray. Worse still, the debris he's pulling down from the work area is being left there to collect as a small mound of trash. To fix this issue, the employee needs a course refresher, which will correct his undisciplined habits.

Out of the 5 scaffold-damaging issues listed here, it's hard to pick any single primary offender. There's little that can be done about the weather, for example, except the initialization of an effective maintenance program. Training, maintenance, and the presence of a competent person, these are the measures required to address those 5 unacceptable problems.

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