Basic Accessories Used in Scaffolding

March 29, 2018

Just for this one post, we're turning away from scaffolding frames. There's not going to be any talk about the primary tubular elements or the prefabricated structural sections that form the temporary towers. Fastening mechanisms are out, as are the foot guards and handrails that assure worker safety. Even planked work surfaces are getting a rest. In place of such fundamental fixtures, we're turning our attention towards basic scaffolding accessories.

Scaffolding Accessories: An Inside Look

To make a long story short, these are staging extras, parts that improve or adapt the scaffolding so that it's safer to ascend. The attachments aren't exactly obligatory, but they are desirable. Guardrails, for instance, are classed as primary scaffolding elements. If we were to add an accessory to this section of the staging, it would be a mesh guard. From rail surface to the upper limits of the platform that wire mesh wouldn't interfere with work visibility, but it would stop any object falling from the deck.

The Unappreciated Masses

The frame segments, fasteners, and decking all receive attention during the erection work. Then there are the brackets and ring couplers that serve an equally important role. They lock various work surfaces together, then, should an extra length of attachment space be on the cards, they extend the couplings an extra few centimetres. These are the step-up and step-down brackets that grant scaffolding erectors an extra measure of control. The system is modular, so such issues crop up rarely. Still, if there's a coupling gap, one of these scaffolding accessories will quickly fix the problem. Meanwhile, up on the work deck, a different type of gap is threatening to swallow a carelessly placed foot or tool. The structure is hugging the sides of an irregularly shaped building, with those weirdly shaped edges creating problems for the erection service. A corner gap has appeared. Not to worry, a bolt-down corner panel is being fitted as a deck plug.

That's the beauty of scaffolding accessories, this capacity for accommodating any and all erection variables. If the staging falls just short at one coupling point, there's a coupling adapter that will solve the issue. If a particular safety factor requires an additional measure, then mesh panels and proprietary fastening systems come to the rescue. Granted, there are countless screws, couplers, clamps, and other unidentifiable elements in scaffolding accessory catalogues, but there are also swivel jacks, wall tie brackets, and many other potentially essential components in that same catalogue. By the way, even those unidentifiable nuts and bolts could save the day when an erection technician needs a specific component.

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