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December 1, 2015

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Over 30 high rising structures now pass the 150 Metre mark in Melbourne. The city is obviously on the move, growing and throwing off the shackles of the past. A ninety degree shift in perspective like this doesn't come easy, but the transition is dramatically eased when expert scaffolding install and dismantle services In Victoria are on hand. The temporary frameworks can then rise without incident, following new structures as they develop beyond safe working heights and reach for elevations that require a safely erected scaffolding grid.

Serving Construction Needs

Deluxe residential complexes are an established part of the Melbourne cityscape. They pack in the latest air conditioning extras and state-of-the-art amenities. A competent erector is there at the inception of the project, aiding in the floor-by-floor construction of the premises by building tower scaffolding frames and keeping the project productive. West Melbourne industrial districts and smaller townships fit within this operational dynamic. Geelong business districts generate revenue, pushing expansion requirements and driving the construction of new urban developments. A complete install and dismantle solution follows this growth pattern closely, adding new scaffold parts, maintaining the components and growing the range to mirror the growth of Victoria. After all, just like with scaffolding, company structure must be stable and reliable, able to cope with heavy loads and come out keener than ever to take on new projects.

A Competitive Edge Goes Beyond the Call of Duty

A freshly erected work platform is defined by more than its physical attributes. The structure has to follow an encyclopedic set of safety guidelines and remain true to work ethics that are established by international safety authorities and the state of Victoria. And, almost as importantly, scaffolding install and dismantle services In Victoria should have no borders. Instead, the company and its services must pack up efficiently and head to other townships, to Geelong and Ballarat and to all points in-between. The thoroughly inspected package would be loaded on a rugged crane truck and delivered on time to this out-of-city arrival zone, but the option should always exist for the client to access other hire features, such as the option to use their own transportation. Meanwhile, the scaffolding agency supplies other resources, such as labour and the dismantled components of the scaffolding frame.

In strictly working in accordance with AS 1576 regulations and OH&S Standards, the above services are available in plentiful quantities within the C & N Scaffolding facility. We follow all of the regulations to the letter, but do so without hampering productivity. Additionally, our expert services are ready for the latest residential or commercial work, and we also stand ready for other services thanks to our knowledge of the Kwikstage platform. All of these resources respond swiftly to the needs of our local communities.

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