Complete Scaffolding Solutions for Owner Builders in Melbourne

November 5, 2019

Owner-builders throughout Melbourne and surrounding areas require complete scaffolding solutions for their many different residential building and restoration projects today. Every property owner and builder has the need of obtaining the best available scaffolding systems and services in the ideal price range while ensuring maximum safety for each building location. Top-quality scaffolding hire companies offer superior scaffolding designs that are totally safe and effective for use in completing building construction and renovating projects from the simplest to the most complex and difficult.

Varied Scaffolding Solutions for Owner-Builders in and Around Melbourne

Various scaffolding systems and solutions for use by owner-builders throughout Melbourne and the surrounding regions include the following: 

• Kwikstage Scaffolding. This quick-erecting stage scaffolding is a convenient modular system. It is frequently used in building tower, concrete form-work support and many other diverse areas of building construction work. Because it is fast and easily adaptable to a wide range of building applications, Kwikstage scaffolding is in popular use for constructing projects ranging from single homes to large industrial applications. It prevents the need for loose fittings for minimal losses, and it is simple, safe and versatile. Kwikstage scaffolding is the same as ringlock and cuplock scaffolding, and it is certified in accordance with Australian building standard AS 1576. 

• Stair Access Tower Scaffolding.
The majority of scaffolding structures require internal stair towers for easy access of high levels. Since complex scaffolding systems can be difficult for construction crews to navigate, stair towers can be utilised to resolve this problem. These stair towers consist of top-quality stairs, platform landings and guardrails to ensure easy access and worker safety. Some stair towers extend to include the entire height of a building project scaffolding. Others may be used to access only a few levels of the scaffolding system.         

• Birdcage Scaffolding. An independent scaffold, called a birdcage scaffold, is formed by more than two rows of poles (standards) that are connected by ledgers and transoms (horizontal pieces) at every lift height. The top lift is then boarded to create the access platform that enables construction crews to work on ceilings and soffits. Crew members can safely install ventilation points, lighting fixtures and sprinkler systems. Birdcage scaffolding can be extended to reach multiple lift heights as needed, indoors and outdoors. Tradesmen can work with confidence on this sturdy, reliable type of scaffolding without concerns about personal safety and security.     

When you contact our experts at C&N Scaffolding Hire Pty Ltd located in Somerton, Victoria, and serving all of Melbourne and surrounding areas, you will receive top-quality advice, scaffolding system options and full installation services for the ideal scaffolding type for your current building or structural renovations project. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals will guide you toward selecting the very best scaffolding solutions to meet all aspects of your building project needs.

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