Coordination of Temporary Scaffolding: The Impact on Schedule and Safety

May 24, 2018

To protect workers and pedestrians on a construction site, it is imperative to install the correct temporary scaffolding. However, coordinating the installation of this type of scaffolding can be tricky when jobs are highly complex in nature. When you accomplish this in the ideal manner, you will prevent problems from occurring that can negatively affect the schedule of the project along with the safety of the construction site.

Erect Temporary Scaffolding Prior to the Start of the Project

The ideal way to erect your temporary scaffolding is prior to the start date of the project. Whenever you can prepare the site ahead of time like this, you can start all of the tasks on time with confidence that the site is safe for all in and around it. However, there are those times when the scaffolding is not needed until later on in the project and should be scheduled accordingly.

Schedule the Work Crews According to the Scaffolding Installation Dates

Instead of stopping work on the project to install the scaffolding, schedule the work crews around the installation dates for this temporary support and safety system. By doing so, you will ensure that the work crews can perform their tasks without interruption.

Without Organising Scaffolding Installation in the Proper Way, the Project Will Suffer Delays

If you fail to coordinate the installation of the temporary scaffolding early enough to have it in place when it is needed, your project will suffer delays that could cost you money and your reputation. Your clients will not be pleased if you run beyond the originally agreed upon completion date. Also, you may need to pay additional wages to the workmen.

A Project Site Is Completely Unsafe until the Temporary Scaffolding Is in Place

Another reason that the coordination of temporary scaffolding is so crucial is that the project site is totally unsafe without it. Remember that it protects workers and pedestrians from falling objects. Workmen can accidentally drop tools and materials from the upper floors of a project and without the scaffolding and its various components in place, someone down below can be seriously injured. Your project may even be shut down temporarily by the local authorities due to it being deemed unsafe until the scaffolding is in place.

For further information about the impact of the coordination of temporary scaffolding on a project’s scheduling and safety, consult with C&N Scaffolding Hire. We offer a wide variety of scaffolding to meet your needs along with free onsite quotes, delivery, installation and dismantling. All of our staff is highly trained and experienced. Our company guarantees your satisfaction with our services and scaffolding.

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