Functions of Temporary Stairtower Systems in Scaffolding

September 16, 2016

stair tower

If you were to view the hallway in your home as an interface between the outside world and your living space, then you'd see that temporary stairtower systems can be viewed in much the same way. This is a scaffolding interface, though, not a flat hallway, but the principle still holds true, for stair towers provide a rising passageway to at-heights work areas via a series of angled access aids. Stairs by any other name, the easily accessible tower has many functions, some of which we're about to describe.

Primary Scaffolding Extender

If a loop of cross members and platforms is following the outlines of a developing building, there can be some question over access management. The stability of the frame has been assured by the competent person, but only a single access point has been erected. Hypothetically speaking, a supplementary access tower can be rolled into place and safely coupled to the main frame to increase entry options.

Elevated Height Installation Services

Electrical cables are kept up high and concealed, as are air conditioner ducts. Temporary stairtower systems are used by craftsmen to install the wiring and lighting fixtures up here. Multiple towers are aligned in large hallways and high-ceilinged rooms to enable air conditioning installers to assemble ductwork. Meanwhile, paint contractors are called in after the electrical and HVAC work to layer the messy ceiling with a thick coat of emulsion, all so that a structure can assume its finished outline.

Roll In the Maintenance Enablers

The amateur weekend warrior pulls out his wobbly stepladder to conduct maintenance chores on an out-of-reach ceiling. Every time a tool is needed, he hustles down the steps, takes a breath, then he hikes it back up to the apex of the ladder. Temporary stairtower systems have greater reach and a more practical working configuration than any lone stepladder. The angled ladders within the caged scaffold are accessible, easy to climb, and there's a platform waiting up top, so tools and work materials have their place. Maintenance engineers use this frame to check air conditioners, replace fluorescent tubes, and test smoke alarms. Roofing contractors and glazing technicians go a step further by replacing their wares when maintenance is no longer a viable option.

The functions of temporary stairtower systems in scaffolding can happily be compared to an ascending corridor or elevating passageway, a feature that maximizes at-height accessibility for all so that non-scaffolding work can be safely conducted.

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