Kwikstage Scaffolding: What Makes it Practical and Budget Friendly?

May 23, 2017


It's likely the erection-friendly design of the Kwikstage scaffolding system that makes this staging solution popular. Chosen by all kinds of contractors with all sorts of skill levels, this approach to at-height work assembles easily. In plain speaking terms, any semi-skilled worker can quickly build a tall temporary framework from Kwikstage-approved components. That's quite a boast, one that requires some clarification.

A Practical Scaffolding Solution

Manufactured from premium grade steel, perhaps painted in yellow or blue, Kwikstage scaffolding is designed to last. The staging components are based on a modular architecture, so there are no complicated pieces to puzzle over, which makes the frame segments a breeze to couple and erect. Essentially, this is a semi-skilled work team’s workmate, a budget friendly construction frame that safely enables at-height labour to proceed without hassle, without risk, and definitely without mechanical stability issues.

Boosting Erection Adaptibility

One of the drawbacks of a modular construction system is a lack of build flexibility. Frankly, that problem doesn't exist in this scaffolding method. Instead, adaptability accompanies the simple assembly routine so that these reliable building blocks mate securely together to form exactly the structure that's required for the work project. The painted or hot galvanised cross-members that rumble onto the construction site on a flatbed truck basically couple by wedging in place. They then double-down on that unique connectivity method by using the weight of the tower to firmly embed their wedged components.

Why Kwikstage Scaffolding Just Works

Approved by the AS/NZ 1576 guidelines, the modular framework is safe to ascend and safe to work on. It assembles rapidly, as we've already said, and that one feature is prized by site management types, for time really is money on a busy construction project. Next, there are fewer discrete part types than a standard scaffolding family, so the Kwikstage solution is a cost-effective one. Finally, there's a number of inbuilt safety features in this popular staging, including fall protection support, non-slip platforms, and worker stability aids. Typically, when the package arrives on site, the many modular features readily disclose their functions.

Call it a kit or a package, modular equipment or any other worksite nickname, but always preface that label with the Kwikstage scaffolding brand name. Also remember that although this system is built to assemble easily and quickly, that fast erection process does not undermine a mandated safety factor. Quite the opposite, in fact, this adaptable scaffolding type is popular because it's as safe to ascend as it is to erect.

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