Main Hazards When Working at Height and Why Quality Scaffolding Systems are a Must

November 22, 2019

Big construction projects require workers to work at great heights for the project to be finished. However, these kinds of construction works remain to be one of the most contributing causes of occupational fatalities and injuries among workers. A construction site without any precautions risks the lives of the workers and could cause trouble among the contractors and owners of the property.

As mentioned, construction works that have the risk of falling can result in fatal accidents. While accidents may happen anytime, all workers, contractors, and property owners must have a deeper understanding of the dangers and hazards when working at height. They must also know the significance of quality scaffolding systems to the safety of the construction site.

What are the dangers of working at height?

There are several main hazards when working at height. Some examples of this are the following:

  • Flaws in the overall design– One of the most common causes of falls is design flaws. Flaws in design can be dangerous to the workers. There might be irregularities when it comes to the structure of scaffoldings, the materials and equipment used, and the project itself. Some equipment may be positioned in the wrong way or scaffoldings don’t have enough support for the weight of workers.
  • Poor edge protection and cover – Some edges of a construction site lack protection for workers to grip their feet on. Be it on the roofs, elevated walkways, scaffolding, and access platforms, all of them must have some sort of protection to prevent workers from falling right away.
  • Unstable access equipment – Scaffolding, towers, platforms, and ladders are expected to be in pristine condition before using them in construction projects. However, some contractors tend to skip assessment and maintenance over these things that lead to unexpected accidents.
  • Deterioration of materials – Construction projects may take a long time to finish. So, expect some materials to deteriorate over time because of the weather and other external factors. If the materials and equipment are unchecked for a long time, this can lead to unfortunate accidents on the site.

Why quality scaffolding systems are important?

With all the mentioned hazards, contractors must build a quality scaffolding system for the safety of workers and the public. A high construction project must be partnered with a high scaffolding system to support the workers and the structure being built.

The stable and carefully covered nature of scaffolding systems maintains the integrity of the platform on which the workers can work. Scaffoldings also protect the public since there will be no expected debris that will fall off from the site. Protection from scaffoldings is possible since they contain nets, sheets, and fence tarps that shield the people from any debris.

Aside from safety, a quality scaffolding system also serves as a temporary pathway for workers to walk on. Without scaffoldings, a high-rise building project is difficult to reach and construct. Scaffoldings provide ways for the workers to get from one place to another. Any part of the wall or ceiling of the building can be easily accessed through the use of the scaffoldings.

When engaged in construction projects, you must build a high-quality scaffolding system for the protection of your workers and the people passing by. If you want to build one, you can turn to C&N Scaffolding to avoid any accidents on your construction site. You deserve the best scaffolding service that you can get here in Melbourne.

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