Most Common Uses and Benefits of Aluminium Scaffold

October 24, 2018

Aluminium scaffolding is extremely portable. From an erection team member’s perspective, it's nice to be able to lift a large frame section without any overexertion. The parts lift easily and are loaded in no time at all. There's no denying this hallmark feature, which makes the metal an ideal aerospace-worthy alloy. Granted, aluminium staging isn't likely to take to the air, but that portability factor sure does come in handy.

Portable Scaffolding Systems

Sometimes it seems as if this metal was designed by some heavenly blacksmith to perform at its best as a top-tier scaffolding material. Cross-braces and frame parts, all made out of hollow-tube aluminium, are strong and rigid. Better yet, though, the metal possesses a superior strength-to-weight quotient, so structures made out of this metal are as rigid as they are light. Next, aluminium surfaces form protective layers of aluminium oxide when they're exposed to the air. The natural oxidization of this alloy actually acts as a protective membrane, so the staging won't corrode.

Peerless Mobile Scaffolding Solutions

Scaffolders can whistle while they work if aluminium scaffolding is loaded in the back of their truck. With their backs straight, there' no need to strain. The parts assemble quickly and stabilize easily as long as the tubes have sufficient diameter. Importantly, however, high-quality grade designations should always be utilized when selecting aluminium framing. High tensile strength and material hardness are the two most desirable features here, which is why series T6-6061 aluminium is commonly employed in such load-carrying applications. Mixed with magnesium and zinc, 6xxx alloys are structurally capable. They suit scaffolding work very well.

Aluminium Scaffolding: Common Usage Areas

Lightweight yet hard and durable, the staging forms into kits, which occupy pride of place in a hire agencies storage sheds. They're portable, certain to mobilize easily, and built to resist the elements. If that naturally occurring aluminium oxide coating isn't enough, there are hot-dip galvanized systems available, which provide more weather-resistance. Finally, that high strength-to-weight feature is important. Suspended frames and mobile towers benefit from the lighter than average mass, which moves without creating drag. Painting jobs, electrical cable installation work and more, all such services can call upon versatile aluminium scaffolding.

Aircraft and other aerospace-centric applications are responsible for this ever-popular alloy's presence in the sky. Closer to the ground, though, scaffolding systems, fabricated exclusively from aluminum (its American label) are portable, yet incredibly robust. They erect quickly, mobilize rapidly, and there are zero mass-related to deal with after the erection process is complete. Use the alloy in suspended frames, in wheel-mounted applications and more, all while safe in the knowledge that this gear will support substantial loading effects.

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