Planning a Scaffolding Rental? Here are the Things You Should Highly Prioritise

January 10, 2022

Quality scaffolding is treated with all due care and diligence. The framework and its fittings are never left exposed to the elements when they're returned to the rental depot, nor are they ever mistreated. On the contrary, every element is inspected, maintained, and then carefully placed in storage. That's clue number one, which should top every renter's shopping list. Fleshing out that opening tip, let's build up our renter's guide.


Before someone is sent out to cruise the local industrial parks, save the petrol. Go to the scaffolding hire agency's website and check out their endorsements, as supplied by satisfied hirees. If these key quality-gauging passages of text are not supplied, talk to a few local contractors. Know the renter's reputation and capabilities.


Two tips into the guide, and we haven't even looked at the scaffolding. Before getting down to the nitty-gritty, the scaffolding type and its condition, make sure the renter employs a trained team of staging erectors. A high-risk erection licence is required if the staging rises above 4-metres. And let's face it, most renters are going to want to reach a second or third storey level so that licence is a fundamental qualification. Likewise, professional scaffolders use liability insurance policies because this is a high-risk profession.


Returning to the scaffolding system, is the gear maintained and inspected? Stored in a dry, sheltered shed, the temporary structure should be disassembled tidily but still be ready for site dispatch at a moment's notice. A well-known system fabricator is also advised, with Kwickstage and other popular scaffolding systems leading the pack. If the hire yard is loaded with generic scaffolding parts, it might be best to look elsewhere. Not only does a branded scaffolding tower erect in no time at all, but it's also certain to come equipped with an effective set of safety measures, including toeboards and handrails.


There's nothing worse than renting the system, erecting it, and finding out a critical part is missing. A tool has gone astray, or a toeboard isn't included. Quality scaffolding rental services make sure every possible piece of kit is included. The fasteners and cross-members are in the package, as are the safety system components and scaffolding accessories.

Never take shortcuts. If a component is missing or a tool has gone astray, the high-risk nature of this endeavour does not allow room for such ill-advised alternative measures. At the end of the day, any renter's guide will advise quality scaffolding, but that top-notch gear must be maintained and serviceable, plus it absolutely must be complete.

We provide a scaffold for new residential projects and also for extensions and renovation projects. We welcome big, small, short and long term hires. We adhere to all Building Regulations, Scaffold Standards and OH&S Standards, ensuring we are providing you with a safe, sturdy and workable scaffold system to suit your construction needs.

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