Reasons Why Construction Companies Use Scaffolding

July 25, 2018

Construction companies can't do their jobs without scaffolding. That's the harsh truth of the matter. Admittedly, ground-based contractors can easily build structural foundations and first-storey walls. However, for any project that rises above the height of an average man, the site manager's in a bind. Frankly, site contractors need the services of an ace scaffolding crew. But wait, wouldn't a bundle of expandable ladders do the same job?

Scaffolding: When Nothing Else Makes the Grade

Is the construction company working along one wall? Is the work area localized and unlikely to move? In that case, ladders might, and we emphasize the word might, get the job done. As a rule, though, construction companies work simultaneously on several levels. There's no getting past it, contractors need level platforms. Poised safely on a scaffolding platform, the working team members easily access building materials and tools. Then, if the job continues in any direction, left or right, up or down, relocation is a snap. There's no way any of these features can ever apply to a ladder, not when the work is likely to take the construction labourers all over the place.

Construction Companies: Reasons for Staging Supremacy

A yo-yo effect plays out when contractors use ladders as a cheaper option. The worker goes up, he uses a single tool to carry out a single task, and then he's climbing back down to select another tool. Up and down, then he's huffing and puffing again as he ascends the rungs. Scaffolding supremacy is a merit-based resource. Multiple tasks are being carried out on multiple staging platforms by multiple workers. They're protected by safety features, able to scramble forward when the work zone moves, and there's no productivity-hampering yo-yo effect to set the project back.

The Strictly Business Mindset

Construction companies can ill-afford an accident at work. No worries, scaffolding towers occupy a strictly regulated occupational domain. Each structural element and fastener mechanism is maintained and inspected on a regular basis. To put it another way, safety-assured construction companies, when they use best-in-service scaffolding agents, gain access to a series of well-vetted and quality-assured erection resources.

If a construction company demands a service that will safely provide a number of grid-arranged, at-height work platforms, they partner with a scaffolding hire group. The staging creates an exponentially faster and more productive work setting. Heavy loads are manipulated up here, and the temporary staging follows the eccentric turns on a structure in ways that other climbing equipment could never duplicate. Any direction at any time of the day, groups of workers roam freely but carefully on scaffolding towers.

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