Reliable Scaffold Provider’s Role in Infrastructure Safety and High Rise Projects

January 24, 2017

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An ingrained reliability factor protects scaffolding projects. Dutybound by this proviso, seasoned technicians expertly assemble risk-free temporary structures so that they're absolutely safe. Of course, if that dependability attribute is to really yield results, it must extend beyond the build stage, all the way back to a reliable provider, for it's here that here that infrastructure safety is established.

The Role of The Scaffold Provider

Hundreds of discrete parts assemble to form a high-rise tower. The assigned erection team dutifully fastens the cross members together to form a stable base. Every segment is integrity checked, but the main focus goes towards the proper execution of a tall scaffolding frame. The role of the service provider here is to deliver the finest building blocks in the business. That means every hollow tube is checked by the provider for mechanical serviceability. The hiring agent is tasked with sourcing the finest, most reputable gear, but he's also charged with maintaining the discrete parts.

Stamping Out Weak Links

We've all heard the terms in industry, references that talk about weak links in chains and chinks in armour, but how serious can a weak link really be in a high rise project? Well, a damaged fastener or shoring beam will compromise the structure. At a component level, the lateral load generated by the many parts will undermine the support strength of the component and cause that part to fail. This is a hazard that can't be allowed to exist, but it's also one that's difficult to eliminate at the on-site construction area, which is why this responsibility is assigned to the provider.

Provider Mandated Safety Guidelines

High-rise projects consume huge structural resources, so multiple providers are a tempting proposition. But this isn't a decision that can be made lightly, not when different scaffold hire companies don't work under the same guidelines, or even with the same branded erection services. A competent provider sources all parts, including those that are currently stocked and any supplementary components that are required to make the last dash to the top of the high-rise structure. That same hiring agent maintains the erection system and acts as a quality filter, a buffer that will assure the state of every discrete support.

Infrastructure safety is an erection prerequisite, a means of sourcing and gauging the elements used to create a stable structure that will form the backbone of a project capable of extending around and above the highest high-rise structures in today's skyline determining buildings.

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