Residential Improvement Projects that Require Scaffolding

April 17, 2019

Scaffolding towers aren't locked up inside big construction sites. No, like any other adaptable equipment type, the framework can acclimatize to suit a dozen other useful applications. On-site, scaffolds grow tall and stable, even on the coarsest ground types. Elsewhere, including on residential estates, the framework changes to accommodate a new set of application-specific utilization factors. Among them, a gutter replacement project is garnering a great deal of attention.

Water Collection Improvements

Many moons ago, contractors would arrive with a pair of aluminium ladders. Packed in a truck, they'd be pulled free and extended until they matched the height of a residential property. The problem was, ladders were, and they still are, considered a productivity-hampering approach to an age-old problem. To a contractor, time is money. Out go the ladders, then, and they're replaced by a framework of platforms and cross members, which stretch from one end of the building to the other. Safely supported by fall aids and a stable work platform, a residential improvement team cleans out the guttering. Old segments, which have fallen into a state of disrepair, are replaced. Drainage clogs are cleared by tools and waterjet equipment, then the guttering is put back into service.

Safely Conducted Roofing Work

A whole other world comes into view when a home improvement project climbs this high. Are all the tiles up here getting replaced? Maybe the restoration goes all the way down to the roof-waterproofing underfelt or a rotted section of the roof eaves. On the other hand, maybe this a loft conversion project. In that case, most of the work is done inside, but there's still a need for a whole range of exterior features. Chimney repairs, roof growths and leaf blockages, plus a little after-project painting, all of these jobs are done faster and safer when residential scaffolding is expertly erected. By the way, we've only talked about smaller residences. For larger properties, picture roof-mounted air handling units and air conditioners, which absolutely cannot get up there without the aid of a temporary scaffolding tower, plus a crane.

The list doesn't stop there. Painting projects beautify two-storey homes in residential neighbourhoods. As a property gains a more attractive look, it climbs higher on the real estate ladder. More equity is added to a home when this work is done by a scaffolding professional. Then there are security lights and cameras to fit, avian deterrents to incorporate, and window casements to install. In order of erection importance, it goes something like this: property beautification is moderately important, as are the security measures mentioned above. More important, however, are the roof and drainage repair projects that prevent property damage.

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