Scaffold Dip Tank Paint: Purposes and Functions

July 20, 2016

Construction sites are dirty, hazardous places where concrete dust greedily covers every exposed surface. Of course, the site employees aren't bothered by the grimy conditions. They just take a brisk shower at day's end, towel off, and enjoy some well-earned family time. That's not a freedom enjoyed by other site visitors. Temporary scaffolding frames, for example, start the project as shiny tubes and perfectly scrubbed fasteners, but they're practically unrecognizable by the end. The paint fades, leaving gaps where dirty corrosive patches can flourish. Fortunately, scaffold dip tank paint offers a turnkey solution that can almost be compared with that cool shower mentioned above.

Purpose-Fueled Painting

The paint tank used in this tube-renewal process is sized so that batches of scaffolding parts can be lowered into the specially formulated metal paint. It's basically a bath for the frame, one that quickly strips away old paint, leaving the surface metal clean and ready for the secondary part of the dipping technique. The rich paint fully coats the unblemished metal, drying in minutes. The sequence of events involves no more than a 15-second dip, a 2-minute wait until the forklift-supported stillage is drip-free, and an end-cycle drop after 5-minutes. The scaffolding components are now dry to the touch.

All-in-One Benefits

The process described here is classed as a fast and productive one. There's no sandblasting, no manual painting, and no sticky parts to manage. The scaffold dip tank paint service just needs the paint, the tank, and a hoist or forklift truck. The dip-and-dry technique relies on the consistency of the liquid and its advanced formula, a mix that both removes old paint and coats the cross-members in a new layer of coloured paint, a coating that's corrosion-resistant. And, in keeping the turnkey feature firmly in mind, the service is built to maximize scaffolding productivity, for the whole procedure can be conducted in a few short minutes, meaning it's time to get the frame back to work.

The Advantages of Scaffold Dip Tank Paint

Fast to apply and faster to dry, the paint procedure distributes fully throughout the metal parts as an all-encompassing membrane, a finish that provides a weatherproof barrier. The coating banishes faded, peeling paint, puts an end to grimy deposits and leaves the metal frame contact-friendly once more.

Dirt and peeling paint combine with corroded patches to corrupt aesthetic appeal, but, more than this, structural integrity is compromised, which is something that cannot be allowed.

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