Scaffold Rental for Renovation and Restoration of Old Structures

June 26, 2017

old building

There are dozens of staging configurations available from a scaffold rental service. One layout erects scaffolding to safely support workers while they install a sprinkler system on a long ceiling. The next arrangement targets a tall building, or maybe it adapts slightly to accommodate an irregularly profiled structure. Given those facts, the right scaffolding for renovation and restoration work on an old structure is an easily managed job, right?

Scaffold Rental: Renovation Projects

Old structures are often part of a local area's unique character. They're heritage sites, places that have stood for a century or more. It's the job of a seasoned scaffold service to erect a staging solution that conserves the structural integrity of that antiquated building. In achieving this lofty duty, a customised staging solution may be required to match the classic outlines of the subject structure. That tailored assemblage of cross members and staging parts protects at-height workers, protects pedestrians crowding around the heritage site, and doubly protects every delicate feature throughout the old structure while it's being restored.

Explaining the Customisation Factor

Ideally, no part of the erected temporary tower will contact the old building. The structure could be crumbling, so its facade or cladding could be unstable. Furthermore, the load bearing frame within the building cannot be reliably used as part of the scaffolding frame's supplementary support system, so no guidelines or support cable eyelets are likely to be allowed on any part of the aged edifice. In lieu of these support measures, the expert scaffold rental team is expected to erect a tower that stably supports itself. That means every level and every fastening element must be properly inspected and reinforced in order to assure self-supporting integrity.

Chasing Away the Renovation Blues

When the staging is self-supporting and stable, the work can begin. Interestingly, many of the duties are likely to be exactly the same as seen on a modern construction site. New windows are installed, the new cladding is fitted, and then there are modern fittings to complete the project. Before all of that, the old material must be removed. Scaffold chutes and rubbish skips receive their own space on the staging. They receive crumbling facade parts and old window frames, plus all of the other broken down parts that are making the vintage structure look so broken down.

Besides the out-with-the-old work strategy, there's paint work to be done. Cleaning tools and scrubbers wash away city soot. At the end of the day, though, all of this specialist work relies on a scaffold rental service that knows how to operate safely and productively as an authority in a field that places conservation above construction. In doing so, the ongoing facelift will protect and restore atypical structural parts, including brick walls, old wooden beams, and even the occasional stained glass window or wrought iron railing.

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