Scaffold Stair Systems' Purpose and Benefits in High Elevation Construction Work

March 8, 2022

Construction projects will never be complete without working in elevated areas. And with high elevation construction works, contractors and all involved employees should ensure that they all follow safety measures and procedures to avoid accidents.

After all, high elevation construction works can cause injuries to several site workers. One primary cause of injuries or even fatalities among construction site workers is falling from a great height. High elevation construction works can also lead to damages to the structures, which can spend a lot of time and money just to rebuild or repair. Fortunately, scaffold stair systems can now be used to make high elevation construction works safer, more efficient, and more productive.

Scaffold stair systems, in general, are comprised of access areas for stairways and narrow passages meant to provide site workers and others safe access to various elevated and awkward points of construction work. The following are some of the most notable benefits of these systems.

Easy to Install

One of the benefits of using scaffold stair systems in construction works is they are easy to install. In just a few minutes, the components of these systems can be easily lifted and secured in place. And as the scaffold stair systems are installed, they are expected to be stable throughout the construction works due to their strong steel sections. The vital points of these systems are likewise secured at a specific angle.


Another benefit of using scaffold stair systems in construction works is they are flexible. The progress of a project changes every day. As the structure becomes higher, access through the floors becomes more difficult. Fortunately, scaffold stair systems can be installed to allow workers to access the top floors of the structure. They can even be built within the tower to make everything easier. Necessary adjustments can be implemented to the scaffold stair systems to accommodate changes in the construction site.


Scaffold stair systems are not only easy to install and flexible, but they are also cost-effective. As the construction project progresses, contractors can easily add more stairs to ensure better access to top floors. These systems can even be pre-joined before transport, which can minimise expenses in terms of both transportation and installation. They also only require a few workers in setting up the whole thing.

When choosing the best scaffold stair system for your project, it must possess points of contact to keep the workers safe as they reach the top floors. Adjustable handrails must also be present. The load capacity, minimum width, angles, and others must likewise be followed to make the system safe. 

To know more about scaffold stair systems, you can call us at C&N Scaffolding Hire. Our employees are qualified and experienced, and our scaffold designs will suit any type of house.

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