Scaffolding Checklist to Ensure Safety Use and Proper Platform Construction

December 7, 2016


Professional erection services are very familiar with tools, even the ones that don't fasten scaffold components. A scaffolding checklist is one such tool, a simple but powerful aid for preventing errors. Why should something so basic be regarded as an essential process asset? Well, everything about this discipline is complex, but this visually indexed sheet of paper acts as an auditing tool, a way of preventing mistakes and ensuring tasks are carried out as planned.

Reasons for Itemized Erection Aids

It's true that the erection of scaffolding equipment requires planning. The organized and coordinated plan ensures the structure is erected in a meticulous manner. Unfortunately, many hands are working on the same task, and it only takes one miscommunication to create a mix-up. A scaffolding checklist prevents such blunders by providing documented evidence, a printed visual that proves the work has been done properly.

Visually Oriented Scaffolding Checklist

There's no room for mistakes here, so a scaffolding checklist is designed to alleviate complications by appealing to our bias towards simple visuals. The list is itemized in a simple top-to-bottom format. Large letters assemble as concise descriptive sentences. And, at the end of each short sentence, a solid check box is either empty or occupied with a check mark. Again, simplicity is the order of the day here, for everything on that list should be easy to interpret.

Formatting as an Actionable Document

The list asks important questions. It poses queries about competence, about structure integrity and safety features. Every question is answered with a clearly marked tick in either the "YES" or "NO" column, and, if the response is recorded as a negative check mark, there must be an accompanying printed reason for this non-affirmative entry. As the boxes fill, it's time to move the document up to the next level of site authority.

Up The Responsibility Pipeline

A competent person conducts this critical evaluation phase until every box is occupied on the document. Now it's time to pass the paper up the site hierarchy, to have it inspected and signed by a supervisory staff member BEFORE any worker accesses the structure. Culpability issues are accounted for by this fail-safe mechanism, a recorded and documented assessment of the erection process.

A scaffolding checklist is a bit like the full stop at the end of a carefully constructed sentence. Yes, this is a good operating practice methodology in action, but, like the end of that sentence, it indicates the conclusion of the erection process and the beginning of a meticulously conducted inspection phase, one that is lawfully entered into record by a competent person.

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