Scaffolding Fittings and Accessories Essential to a Construction Project

February 28, 2020

Scaffolding fittings and accessories are deemed as a significant fixture in any construction project. They provide excellent support to the workers while they are carrying out their work in any of the commercial spaces. Since they are versatile and portability promotes the popularity of their usage in commercial, business, residential and educational areas. Below are scaffolding fittings and accessories essential to a construction project.


Couplers are the large pieces of scaffolding fittings that are used for holding up two or more pieces of the structure altogether. They have small pieces that are generally used for holding the scaffolding structure collectively in diverse industrial and commercial spaces. In order to bear the precise amount of weight, these are primarily designed to assist the structure. All these fittings are stringently checked under numerous guidelines and norms, which confirm its preciseness. Normally, torque inspections are achieved by many of the manufacturing companies for granting its reliability and power. These scaffolding fittings are easily used for construction purposes and they are made of forged steel and other quality of raw materials. These are highly in demand due to their distinctive features and vast applications and they’re majorly used on the construction sites.


Transoms lean on the ledgers at the right angles. Major transoms are positioned next to the standards; they support the standards that are in place and give support for the boards. To render additional support for the boards, intermediate transoms are placed between the main transoms.

Scaffold Tubes

Scaffold tubes are generally made of aluminium or steel though there is composite scaffolding that utilises fibril-wound tubes of glass fibre in a polyester or nylon matrix due to the high cost of composite tube, which is normally used only when there is a danger from overhead electric cables that can’t be cut off.

Base Plates

You can select from different height-adjustable base plates that come with strong and self-cleaning round threads to adjust to the ground. It comes with colour and notch markings to render safeguard against over-winding.

Diagonal Braces

The diagonal braces with wedge locks further support the basic structure consisting of vertical standards and ledgers. Additionally, their high connection standards assist special structures.

Toe Boards

Between vertical standards, toe boards are placed. Toe boards are obtainable in aluminium, steel or wood. The toe board of steel lowers the fire hazard and also lasts long. Because of its design, there are no openings or gaps between the deck and the toe board.


Decks are also referred to as planks and they are available in aluminium, aluminium frame with plywood board and hot-dip galvanised steel. Decks are a structural component and so ledgers aren’t needed at the deck level, which not only saves cost but also weight.

For more information regarding scaffolding fittings and accessories, contact us now at C&N Scaffolding. We can help you plan your next scaffolding project with the most cost-efficient and time-saving solution.

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