Scaffolding Hire and Dismantle Services in Melbourne Area

June 8, 2016


Melbourne is a bustling city, and growth can be seen everywhere as new buildings are built, structures erected and older buildings renovated. As the construction sector grows, and the demand for related service continues, such as scaffolding hire and dismantle services. Here at C&N Scaffolding, we are meeting the growing needs of residential construction and renovation projects. No matter the size or scope of a job, when construction work is planned, scaffolding is almost always required, and we will be there whenever needed.

Scaffolding Hire and Dismantle Services Melbourne

If you are in need of scaffolding for a residential construction project, whether you are a private contractor, tradesman or home owner, you will be glad to know that C&N Scaffolding is here to help. Our company services the greater Melbourne area by providing quality scaffolding for any residential project.

There are many kinds of scaffolding used today, some are used more than others, but when it comes to residential scaffolding needs, Kwikstage scaffold for residential renovations and new home builds is the best. It is a popular brand because it is time-tested, easy to transport, erect and disassemble, that is why many contractors choose to use it.

Available Scaffolding Services

Here at C&N Scaffolding, you can expect the highest level of service and safety from the start of your project, during and all the way to the end. And, if you have your own equipment, not a problem, we can help you plan your project and can even provide the experienced labour and transportation that you need.

Our Scaffolding Services:

  • Quality Kwikstage scaffolding.
  • Ladder Access Tower Scaffolding.
  • Stair Access Tower Scaffolding.
  • Birdcage Scaffolding.
  • The delivery, installation and dismantling of scaffolding.
  • Trained and experienced labour.
  • Free no-obligation on-site quotes.

When you hire the scaffolding hire and dismantle services of C&N, you can expect competitive pricing and superior service, from a fully insured scaffolding company that is wholly Australian owned and operated. Our company meets and exceeds OH&S standards and all building regulations at every residential project, such as for extensions and renovation jobs. Also, C&N Scaffolding caters to all types and sizes of projects, whether it is for long-term hire or for short-term hire, our standards remain the same.

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