Scaffolding Hire Services for Building Extension Projects in Victoria

June 6, 2019

It's true, old turn-of-the-century buildings in Victoria are finding a new lease on life. Far too cherished and historically prized to ever consider removing, those treasured edifices are instead being provided with additional living space. Specialty scaffolding frames and erection services make these expansion projects eminently possible. Come on, let's see what makes this scaffolding hire service different. The nature of the existing structure is that what controls the erection process?

Taking Care of the Existing Structure

To some degree, that's absolutely true. For example, if this is some older building, one that's been rooted in Melbourne, Victoria for decades, then the erection technicians can't just use the antiquated walls and window frames as staging supports. No, right from the start, the team builds a temporary framework that can support itself. Additional buttressing is mandatory, as supplied by a number of additional frame cross members. Ground supporting plates and outrigger sections are advised, too. Essentially, the managers of an extension project work hard to protect existing structures, whether old or new, while they maximise every possible onsite square meter.

Weighing the Pre-Planning Dictates

Perhaps a homeowner is seeking to add value to their property; that's not an unusual desire. Certainly, and Victoria residents know this to be a hard fact, real estate types add value to properties when they have attractive extensions. All the same, there's already a completed, probably occupied structure right there, so the erection team can't treat this area like they would any other worksite. Access roads are required, plus a safe staging site for the scaffolding system. Buttressing the original building, the cross members and frame sections assemble gradually, safely, and with great care. Of course, such practises are always encouraged, but now the meticulously operated erection techniques are processed with even more precision.

Again, there's an existing structure nearby, perhaps only a half-metre away. To keep the original building protected while the extension goes in, additional safeguards are installed. There's netting to catch falling building materials and/or debris. Elsewhere, since this is an older site, the work team assesses the erection zone. Are there overhead cables hopping over from a nearby utility pole? Are they telephone wires or exposed electrical cables? Down below, does the property have soft ground because of an old septic tank? Indeed, the setup of the scaffolding shouldn't provide too many challenges, not when the framework can be oriented so easily against an existing wall. Still, there are hard to identify hazards everywhere, especially when erection assignments are assembled on grounds that have been filled with various utility services.

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