Scaffolding Hire Services for Residential Projects

March 27, 2017


A residential project is a cul-de-sac at the end of a large suburban tract of land. It's the tall block of apartments overlooking a seafront quay. No, it's an isolated home in the middle of a forest lane. In truth, the definition of a residential project can cover all of these situations. It's a home, obviously, or maybe a collection of dwellings. With that said, how do scaffolding hire services handle such diverse ventures?

Versatile Work Procedures

It takes an adaptable approach to work with a residential project. Each at-height job is characterised by its own merits and a few manageable obstacles. The greatest of these obstacles, however, is the fluid nature of the work. Essentially, all safety regulations must be followed, and the scaffolding frame must be as stable and anchored as ever, but as for the actual work, it's forever in a state of flux.

The Shifting Nature of Residential Work

In the morning, one client requires a temporary tower for a renovation job. The Victorian facade fronts a series of newly converted loft apartments. Next day, the crew is dispatched to a group of three-bedroom homes overlooking the harbour. In this case, several compact towers require assembly, for the contractors are working on the upper floor windows. Here at C&N Scaffolding, we foster this adaptability factor by always offering the best scaffolding components, then we push this point home by delivering equipment that adapts to the requirements of each individual residential project.

Weighing Safety Considerations

If the health and safety regulations are already important on a typical construction site, they're naturally going to assume greater importance when the job is located within an urbanised area. Additional safeguards are mandated, plus a number of redundancies. This latter provision protects lives if a first line of defence fails. Toe guards and railings qualify as a primary defence, with lower level nets and covered passages reinforcing this initial safety aid.

Construction site work is challenging but mostly predictable, perhaps because there are only trained personnel working there. Scaffolding hire services for residential projects are well aware of the differences that exist beyond the confines of the job site. They deliver temporary structures that adapt to the ever-changing conditions in urban and suburban locales. Renovation, new construction, or simply the installation of new windows, the right hire service for the job is always prepared for these requirements, plus the safety considerations that follow close behind.

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