Scaffolding Solutions and Rental Services for Residential Projects in Melbourne

January 28, 2018

An urban sprawl stretches away from Melbourne City Centre. Far from the financial and cultural districts, residential properties are prospering. Echoing that contemporary countenance, modern scaffolding solutions sustain the residential neighbourhoods. The modular staging adapts to every conceivable suburban scenario by utilizing Kwickstage access systems. They erect quickly while delivering a splendid safety factor. Put another way, this staging solution is preferred by Melbourne's elite scaffolding rental services.

Men at Work: Residential Scaffolding Projects

Traditional two-storey structures border every street. We're in Melbourne, Australia, a city that's bathed in sunshine. Just how many different at-height projects are taking place in the so-called 'burbs? Well, there are roof repairs, new windows, and general structural repairs. A strong southern wind damaged the roof, so the tiles are being fixed while a new double-glazing window system replaces the older, less-efficient glass panels. Meanwhile, back on the roof, the sloping surface is receiving a new layer of technological apparatus. Energy tariffs are fair in the Australian state of Victoria, but the family has decided to take their savings strategy to the next level; they're installing a new set of cutting-edge solar panels.

Safely Erected Residential Scaffolding

The heights are lower and there's no rough-edged industrial work here, but there are other risk factors to consider. Residents come and go. Pets and children are at play nearby. If the local power cables don't use a trench, then there's overhead wiring to consider. Sure, the scale of that residential project is smaller, but the dangers are much the same. In fact, some of the dangers found on a housing estate are arguably just as severe as those found in a major construction zone. A responsible rental service adjusts and rectifies. The management team scales the service to safely accommodate this two or three-storey format. For example, the erected towers include planked walkways. The walkways surround a rooftop or second storey so that the windows or solar panels install easily. New air conditioners or roof gutter cleaning services, the erection focus stays firmly on the urban nature of the work.

A capable scaffolding rental service knows just how to direct the site scaling effort. The modular staging adapts to suit a sloping roof, a low-hanging tree or power cable. In response to these differing scenarios, the hire service adapts the erection plan. Now a few painters can access an out-of-reach wall, an engineer can hoist a heavy air conditioner into place, or a solar tech can easily elevate a set of breakable solar panels right to their predetermined installation point.

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