The Consequences of Poor Scaffolding Hire Services

April 27, 2016


There's no ambiguity surrounding scaffolding hire services, only the application of a professionally conducted erection, maintenance, and dismantling strategy. Teamwork is a big part of the labour, as is good-old fashioned manual work, and a less obvious but no less important measure of communications skill. The latter feature serves to wrap the first two together in a safety-regulated helping of informed work management skills. On the other hand, an erection agency that lacks basic competence is a danger to all.

The quality of the frame should always conform to scaffolding guidelines and be managed by a licensed individual, one who is rated as a competent person ( In establishing these work credentials, a favourable work relationship is formed, one that assesses the hiring service as an authority in the field. But, if these guidelines are not met, then risk factors climb dangerously and inexorably toward catastrophe. Does the scaffolding service use substandard scaffolding components? There's no way to know for sure without checking each prefabricated cross-member and section of the frame for structural integrity, and the whole point of hiring a reputable company, in the first place, is to do so with the knowledge that everything is quality-assured, checked and maintained to provide guaranteed worker safety.

Scaffolding hire services are, by the very necessity of the task, rooted in safe operating procedures, work practices that protect the at-height worker just as much as they do the workers passing by below, the ones outfitted in safety helmets. Still, on returning to substandard erection services, toe guards could be missing, in which case building materials will fall. The platform is therefore potentially unsafe, a source of distraction that causes the craftsman to split his attention, at which point situation awareness decreases and a possible injury is in the cards. And we're not just talking about the platform, the toe guards and handrails. When construction guidelines aren't followed to the letter, all kinds of dangerous incidents become likely. The stability of the tower is compromised. Perhaps the structure is lacking an outrigger or assembled on muddy ground. The casters are unlocked or the whole frame is leaning towards a power cable. Always hire a proven service. Turn to scaffolding hire services that have a solid track record, a company licenced to erect, maintain, dismantle, and relocate this work artifice with skill and professionalism.

These certified qualities are a must-have when working with scaffolding. They're part-and-parcel of a series of services committed to providing a safe working experience.                               

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