The Importance of Overhead Protection Systems in Scaffolding

May 7, 2018

Various types, heights and configurations of scaffolding are often necessary at construction sites. Since these are open structures, they present dangers for the workers and pedestrians when tools or materials accidentally fall from above for one reason or another. For this reason, safeguards need to be put into position that prevent these hazards from causing injuries. One major safeguard is the installation of an overhead protection system for the scaffolding.

Overhead Protection Systems Allow Pedestrians to Travel Safely Under Scaffolding

There are times when pedestrians have to travel their normal routes through a construction project and right under the scaffolding. Unlike the construction workers, they will not be wearing safety gear. In this case, it is crucial to install a system for overhead protection to prevent harm from coming to the pedestrians.

You Provide Your Crews a Safe Work Environment When You Install an Overhead Protection System

Another important reason to install an overhead protection system for your scaffolding is that you will be providing your construction crews with a safe work site. When you help the crews work smoothly and safely, you move the project along at a timelier pace, which increases client satisfaction.

Other Parts of the Construction Site Receive Protection from Falling Objects

Overhead protection setups for scaffolding also can protect other parts of a building when necessary from damage from falling tools, equipment or materials. Even when the crews are as careful as possible, they can lose control of these elements. Having to repair damage of the existing structure will cut into your profits.

A Construction Site Will Be in Compliance With WHS and OS&H Regulations

Both OS&H and WHS regulations exist on setting up scaffolding in the correct manner to provide the proper protection for your workers and others. When you install a system of overhead protection for your scaffolding, it helps you come into compliance with these regulations. This is one thing that you do not want to ignore since if you fail to comply with these regulations, you can be fined or your project can be shut down until you make the necessary adjustments. Also, if injuries occur due to your negligence, you may be subjected to a lawsuit, settlement costs and legal fees.

For additional facts on the importance of overhead protection systems in scaffolding, meet with our experts here at C&N Scaffolding Hire. We offer a wide assortment of scaffolding along with delivery, installation and dismantle services for whichever type that you select for your project. Free onsite quotes also are available upon your request.

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