Time-Based Scaffolding Hire: Know the Best Type for Your Project

October 27, 2021

A short-term hire service causes a scaffolding hire manager to pull out a weekly planner. For the long-term renter, a month-to-month planner is pulled from a separate drawer. The planning phase begins. The hiring service pauses to consider the options. If the option exists, an articulating aerial lift is one possibility. For a single painter, the mechanical lifter gets the job done. For a true scaffolding solution, however, a safely erected compact modular system is favoured over a simple lifter. For a lift and install or paint and decorating job, this compact staging system is the optimal solution.

Crossing over to a long-term scaffolding system, the components are still modular, but they're made of heavy-duty alloys and platform segments. There are fittings onboard for installing material disposal chutes, a necessary feature when carrying out light construction work, and for supporting teams of construction workers. Clearly, construction-rated scaffolding must be load-capable and rugged.

Since scaffolding configurations can be so flexible, why can't the same be said for a hiring contract? Let's use timeframe planning to illustrate this need. A residential painter needs a two-tier scaffold for a few days, a week at the most, to refresh the trimming on a few homes. That's a short-term service. Sure, this is a common scenario, but what happens when the work requires more time?

Giving Short-Term Jobs Their Due

By definition, this timeframe allows for weeks of work. At most, a couple of months could fall under the scope of a short-term scaffolding hire service. And that would really be stretching the definition. At any rate, a couple of weeks of light painting and decorating, as carried out by a painting contractor, could occupy this short interval. A temporary construct, such as a seasonal roof or a concert stage, requires a short-term lease. The same can be said for the changing of hangar lights or aging air conditioners. With the project fixtures prepped and ready to go, the work wouldn't take more than a handful of weeks.

Utilising Long-Term Scaffolding Services

Instead of replacing the burned out light strips, what if an entirely new circuit needed installing? Instead of replacing a handful of air conditioner units, what if there was ducting and cabling to route through solid walls? A Short-term service becomes a long-term project, and it's time to talk to the hiring representative. Now the light construction work can begin. For the two aforementioned projects, there are metal conduits and wires to install. Masonry chunks are broken loose while lengths of ducting are raised by a small crane. So remember, larger projects necessitate longer hire timeframes. Large building renovations, home extensions and complete ground-to-roof construction services, all of these projects use long-term hire periods.


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