Tips in Choosing the Right Scaffolding Contractor Service

August 10, 2015


In picking the right scaffolding service, you look after the health and safety of your employees. The structure will obviously maximize productivity due to this smart choice, but, more than this, you're protecting your workers from harm. Of course, the best way to ensure the scaffolding is professionally erected is to take the process all the way back to step one, to the hiring of the scaffolding contractor. Use a checklist and verify that each of the following tips are crossed off when you go in search of your scaffolding partner.

1. Hire a professional

It's tempting to take shortcuts and to do the work yourself. Don't do this as there's a huge potential for danger when setting up scaffolding. Hire a professional, someone who has experience in configuring the struts and cross members of the structure.

2. Evaluate Company Endorsements

Anyone can get a few certifications and hire one or two workers with scaffolding experience. This level of preparation is not recommended, not when life and limb is at risk. Check out online recommendations that relate explicitly to the company. Ask local construction companies and other workers if the scaffolding agency has a good reputation.

3. Use an Independent Agent

If you've got experienced employees who know all the ins-and-outs of working at height, use them. Task the worker with assessing the contractor's work. You can even assign the worker as a liaison man. He'll gauge the work, seeing if safety rails, baseplates, and the platform are all configured properly.

4. Assess Project Scope and Scale

Select a company that fits your project. Most agencies are familiar with commercial facilities and industrial work yards. Inform the manager of the work that is being done and the environment being worked upon. At the very least, the contractor should be able to work unsupervised on a construction site or a housing project. Some companies even promote specialist services such as the erection of scaffolding towers for the raising of roof-mounted air conditioning units.

Legalities and Government-Specific Regulations

Scaffolding constructs vary from short towers to tall structures with cantilevered supports and sloping platforms. Ensure your final candidates are prepared for this level of complexity by checking to see if the company is licensed. This establishes the scaffolding company as trained and AS1576 ready to erect any kind of scaffolding.

Much of what has been said can be put down to common sense, although you'd be surprised at how many people lack this simple virtue. Select your contractor based on this guide and reinforce the choice by checking to see if the company uses equipment that you personally have confidence in. This way, you can talk to the manager and ascertain whether the hiring agent is familiar with his own equipment. Finally, plan safe by always following safety regulations as documented by your own governmental authority.

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