Top 3 Commercial Uses of Scaffolding

July 11, 2017


Temporary scaffolding structures are used all around the globe. Even if you could travel back in time, you'd still see bamboo and wooden versions of today's rigid metal frames. From construction sites to open air concerts, there are more uses for commercial scaffolding than you'd imagine. Starting with construction work, let's check out the top three commercial sectors that absolutely rely on safely erected scaffolding constructs.

Lifting the Construction Industry

In a crowded city, multi-storey structures are the norm. Even the rural countryside is dotted with structures that rise by two levels. Incidentally, some of those single-storey structures have high ceilings and sloping rooftops, so they still qualify as at-height work projects. On taking all of these elevated buildings, high-ceilinged sheds, and tall structures into account, a scaffolding service is an essential project asset, one that frames a chosen construction project in a safely erected lattice of securely fastened poles, cross-braces, and, of course, work platforms.

Renovation Assignments and Repairs

When the erected base and its ascending parts aren't rising to accommodate a new building, they're elsewhere in the region, engaged in an operation that will see an older edifice restored. A landmark building or an architectural rarity, these constructs demand preservation. They age and crumble, but an expertly erected staging tower enables specialty contractors to give crumbling facades complete facelifts so that they can be made like new. Likewise, weathered statues require cosmetic restoration work when their artistically rendered contours become shabby. In these cases, the client is asking for a preservation service, not construction work.

Erecting Strong Event Platforms

There's a lot to be done if event staging is to safely support heavy loads. Event management includes a diverse array of applications. A musical act, for example, could be bringing heavy amplifiers on stage, plus a number of dancers. If the lead singer, instrument players, and dancers are to perform, a solid safety margin needs to be in place. Remember, behind that performing act, there's backstage equipment, lighting rigs, and who knows what other event paraphernalia. The band can entertain all night long, but the staging they're working against and above must be professionally erected.

The build principles employed here are entirely rigid, but the applications are not. They're filled with fluid and flexible commercial uses for scaffolding. Still, the core erection skills and safety guidelines never alter, not so much as a centimetre. Built to exacting standards, those event staging projects and statue renovation jobs are as safe to work on as any construction site scaffolding system.

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