Types of Commercial Scaffolding for Sale or Rent

August 24, 2017


Like some ultra-safe example of Swiss-knife adaptability, different types of commercial scaffolding systems need to be made available for sale or rental. Why should technical variances be a core sales feature in an erection solution that promotes parts conformity? Well, every work project comes with its own unique set of challenges. Clearly, the right type of scaffolding must be supplied if that job is to be conducted safely.

Define Central Sales and Rental Features

A commercial scaffolding supply and erection agency will compile a list of essential services, which is all very well, but you want to see at least two of those services highlighted, preferably literally. Primarily, the scaffolding candidate you're considering must offer different types of scaffolding for sale or hire. On top of that essential service, one that'll likely match your different job types, a requisite safety compliance feature will accompany the various erection systems. Now, as for those various scaffolding options, let's begin with the stair tower constructs that facilitate rapid ascension.

Scaffolding Types: Trust-Validated System Competence

Whether we're talking about stair towers or a dance floor configuration, the work team tasked with the erection must be well-versed in a particular scaffolding form. Ruled by a competent person, the trained personnel properly fasten stair-type ladders while ensuring every other erected tubular section is locked in place. Meanwhile, the dance floor type accommodates numerous site workers, so a different erection approach is mandated. In this event, training is important, but it's the subsequent years of experience that act as the mortar that holds those erection-proficient bricks together.

A Scaffolding Type Primer

You've only read about two scaffolding configurations here, and they were mostly mentioned to illustrate the skills and training that goes into producing an ace scaffolding team. Here's a rundown on some of the commonest scaffolding forms in use today:

  • Prefabricated straight run frames
  • Birdcage towers
  • Wall access type
  • Large area access (Dance Floor) scaffolding
  • Sidewalk or pavement canopy protected scaffolding
  • Adjustable scaffolding equipment

Top quality materials, top-trained erection technicians, and job-specific client demands fuse together to act as the driving force in the selection process. For example, that birdcage layout could surround a new boiler while the hydraulic jacks on a mobile platform hum into life to raise a pair of workers when a ceiling needs a new coating of white paint. Finally, whatever the type of scaffolding, your shortlisted candidate also has to sell you on a solid product maintenance plan when he's promoting his sale or rent catalogue.

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