Understanding the Main Uses of Cuplock Scaffolding

January 6, 2020

System scaffolding is composed of pre-engineered horizontal and vertical parts that are joined together in a certain order that makes it easy for users to use it to ascend and descend structures. Some of its popular types include ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, haki frame scaffolding and shoring props. Below is an overview of the main uses of cuplock scaffolding.

Creates Effective and Standardised Systems

Cuplock scaffolding is made from galvanized steel. This type of scaffolding is used to a great extent because of its ability to sustain heavy loads. If you want a scaffolding design with repeated patterns, then cuplocks will have to be placed at every 500mm to 1,000mm for optimum strength and support, and to create effective and standardised systems.

Convenient and Speeds up Processes

Cuplock scaffolding is easy to erect and can stand without needing nuts and bolts or wedges to fasten the horizontals. There are no tiny parts that can be damaged or lost, which adds to the convenience of using cuplock scaffolds. All it needs is a locking cup at every node point on the standards so that the ends include up to four members in a single locking action. This means you can do your job much faster.

Access and Framework Support

Thanks to the versatility of cuplock scaffolding, it is best suited for access or framework support. It is durable enough to be used in construction and it works with a variety of support structures. This type of system scaffolding is widely used in the construction of houses, chimneys, tunnels, dams, and bridges. It is also used in demolition and maintenance projects for both, straight and curved structures. Cuplock scaffolding also works well in projects that involve construction of overpass and railway viaducts.

Quickly Fastened and Transportable

Cuplock scaffolds come with only four horizontals that can be quickly fastened at one time. The firm clamping action of the topmost cup secures the joint, which makes it a reliable and high-performance scaffolding structure. Thanks to the bar accessories, loading and unloading becomes easy. Aside from that, this type of scaffolding is easy to transport as the material used is single pipes. It also requires less storage space and offers long lasting support compared to other types of scaffolding.

High Load Capacity

Cuplock scaffolds may be lightweight, but have high capacity for supporting heavy loads. The time-tested design and the safety accessories that are used in erecting cuplock scaffolding meet the safety requirements of the various statutory bodies. They’re low maintenance and designed to reduce occurrences of accidents.

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