Venturing Into a Scaffolding Project? C & N Scaffolding Hire Can Help You

July 27, 2015


The competent erection of a scaffolding frame requires top-notch mechanical proficiency and a healthy dose of safety awareness. The installation crews employed by C & N Scaffolding Hire recognize these core work principles and incorporate them, placing expert erection and dismantling services at the crux of our business model. But more than this, we won't be compromised by substandard equipment, not when the health and safety of human life is at stake. In service of this zealously enacted work ethic, we feel a moral imperative regarding the equipment we store and supply to our residential work partners. We've assessed the integrity and reliability of a number of scaffolding brands and determined that the Kwickstage system offers optimal functionality across a wide spectrum of construction-specific applications.

A project in need of a tough and dependable scaffolding solution needs to hold to the following values when promoting a framework that cradles human life. After all, the workers on the platform may be trained in scaffolding safety but they're also heavily focused on the job at hand. It's up to in-built safety features and reliable climbing features to simplify the work habitat so that the worker can focus on the job. To this end, we ensure you get the best service, an installation setup that's always wallet friendly. The Kwickstage system reinforces our passion for erecting excellence by delivering strength, a flexible installation profile, and a dismantle/assemble workflow that naturally combines with our own professional installation routines.

We're Your Whole Picture Installer

C & N Scaffolding Hire would never want a contractor to climb a scaffold that we ourselves wouldn't trust as completely stable. We begin by clearing land and ensuring the ground is level. We then place a heavy focus on constructing the foundations and braces of the tower, always checking for stability at each step of the process.

A Rock-Solid Work Platform

Strong timber and hardwood planks are secured for contractors to cross. Ladders are fixed in place at each level of the structure, and safety regulations are keenly observed ( We include supplementary safety aids, including kickboards, handrails, and other safety barriers.

Modular scaffolding systems are a huge asset, but they must be used in accordance with current legislature. C & N Scaffolding Hire crews are heavily trained in these practices. Additionally, we believe in the twin values of experience and simple common sense. We wrap these crucial work virtues in a powerful layer of conscientious site awareness, always knowing which scaffolding configuration fits the job. Above and beyond all of these resources, we foster strong bonds with the hiring contractor, a rapport that keeps the structure rigid and safe. In short, our work crews and management personnel build to maximize your work productivity while keeping costs low and the safety factor high.

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