What are The Basic Accessories Used in Scaffolding?

November 7, 2016


A safe and reliable scaffolding frame is like a high-end piece of geometry that's leaped out of some textbook. It's best remembered, though, that this isn't a hypothetical product. It's a serious work asset, an assembly of parts that enables workers to safely go about their business at potentially dangerous heights. Similarly, there are basic accessories used in the scaffolding trade. It's our obligation, our duty, if you like, to describe these structural assets.

Never Supplemental

A supplemental part is something that supports a system or structure but is not essential to its operation. The accessories we're about to describe don't fit this description, for they're essential to the safe erection of scaffolding. Scaffold couplers top this equipment-essential category. They're the screw-down or snap-on fasteners that anchor scaffold tube to each other. They couple sections together and act as the fundamental mechanical glue that safely holds everything together.

Bracing the Framework

As the erection climbs, the various tubes and transom sections lock snugly in place, but that lateral configuration isn't enough to create a properly secured staging area. Bracing elements provide the fine brush strokes for the broad strokes construct. They connect as diagonal reinforcement assets and ledger (horizontal) braces. Remember, asynchronous foot traffic and strong winds generate a subtle tower sway, and this back and forth movement propagates like a pendulum when scaffolding towers lack bracing.

Fortifying Erection Practices

There's very little window dressing allowed on a scaffold, for it's a utilitarian structure that exists only to safely facilitate out-of-reach work. Imagine a hypothetical passenger-laden aircraft. Every fixture on this craft requires a reason to be there. Otherwise, it's consuming fuel without serving a purpose. Utilitarian accessories work on the same principle. A brace or bracket could snag on an article of clothing, so it's removed unless it's essential. Incidentally, don't ever wear loose clothing on a work site. Screw legs, castors, and outriggers come under the auspices of this same guideline, all so that a suitable load-safe margin is properly established.

A competently erected scaffolding cage is defined by stable transoms and a grid-like form factor. There's planks and boards for work platforms. Safety rails and ladders overlay this denuded grid. The basic accessories used in scaffolding are, well, they may be basic, but they're also an essential part of the staging. They support, safely stabilize and make the structure worker-friendly, so the term "accessory" deserves every bit as much consideration as any erection-oriented task.

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