What is Big Space Dilemma in Birdcage Scaffolding?

January 12, 2021

Like a concert stage, there's plenty of open space at the top of a birdcage tower. Unfortunately, that extra room is a safety risk. For starters, as workers move inwards, the central zone of the platform begins to feel less stable. To counteract this effect, erection experts fit additional transoms on intermediate levels. Now, when crossing the platform, from the central ladder access point to staging perimeter, the platform properly safely supports the weight of all moving workers. Just to double-protect that safety zone, workers should always wear safety harnesses, even when they safely reach the perimeter of the platform. Again, because all four walls are exposed to open space, those additional handrails and toe guards are essential.

Lastly, there's one other type of birdcage scaffolding in use today. Rolling scaffolding helps workers to install fixtures and fittings on ceilings, but it's mounted on a robust set of castors, which roll forward so that the staging can be set up for the workers on another part of that ceiling. Imagine a long, high shopping centre corridor using this layout. Lighter than regular birdcage scaffolding, this mobile tower cannot be allowed to move until all tools and building materials have been removed. Then, with personnel and tools safely on the ground, the rolling tower is slowly relocated.

Now that you know all about the big space dilemma, here are the other uses and applications of birdcage scaffolding.

Other Uses and Applications of Birdcage Scaffolding

If we were to say that birdcage scaffolding gets construction work off to a flying start, we'd be stating an unconditional truth. Besides suspecting a bad pun, though, you'd be looking for facts to back up the bad avian-centric wordplay. More than that, you'd want some usage examples for birdcage scaffolding that demonstrate the singular capabilities of this temporary staging configuration.

When you crane your neck upwards, what do you see? There's likely a suspended ceiling overhead or a featureless ceiling fitted with a bank of lights. At home, the layout is a little simpler. There are one or two light fixtures overhead, and the wiring for those fixtures is concealed behind lofty panels of stucco.

In larger structure, say an atrium inside a large department store, the banks of lights compete with smoke detectors and water sprinkler systems for space. It would take a small army of stepladders to install or even maintain these sprawling ceiling fixtures, or, and this system is the preferred solution, a birdcage scaffolding tower with a broad top platform.

This is a colourful term that's used by scaffolding professionals when they're working on birdcage scaffolding. The broad top platform is squarish, wide, and stable, so at-height workers can take steps to the left, the right, or they can move backwards and forwards. Freedom of movement is greatly expedited thanks to that two-dimensional boost.

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