What is Kwikstage or Quickwedge System Scaffolding?

November 18, 2015


Lost time usually equals lost money on a construction site, a fact that has led to many productivity enhancing work tools. The improved tools and faster construction techniques get the building blocks of the site moving fast, but some jobs still require a extra time if they're to be completed properly. Safety always comes first. Scaffolding work illustrates the sharp edge of this ethic, a task that has traditionally taken time and training to complete. Reliable fasteners and durable frameworks form the heart of traditional scaffolding towers, but innovative methods are shortening this construction cycle, eliminating the time-consuming erection stage of the work without sacrificing the safety factor.

The Benefits of Kwikstage or Quickwedge system scaffolding

Defined by safety experts and the contractors who use them as a simple but versatile grid of fastener-free braces, the modular towers formed by this adaptable framework are fast to assemble and even faster to dismantle. This assurance applies to skilled workers, obviously, but it also applies to semi-skilled personnel because of the much heralded ease-of-assembly factor. And, as demonstrated by workers in the field, this intrinsically safe, easy to erect scaffolding format has established the system as the go-to at-height work solution. Today, every discipline and craft, from that of house painting to air conditioning installation, views this framework as their logical first hire choice due to this heavily vetted reputation, a prominent standing that highlights safety through simplicity.

The Building Blocks of the Kwikstage Framework

Modular scaffolding brands have been around for some time now, but the Kwikstage or Quickwedge system scaffolding range takes the principle to the next level by ratifying a smart and reliable fastening mechanism, a four-way wedge-stop configuration that delivers a solid bond between the braces. Additionally, this building block ethic has taken on a life of its own, extending to cover other Kwikstage (also known as Quickwedge) products. A proprietary fixing mechanism marks each of these components as a Kwikstage part, and a large selection of components has grown to support this kit-like philosophy. Wedge locking braces now sell alongside handrails, toe stops, platform brackets, ladders, and a number of other kit parts, with each sporting the signature wedge fastening connector.

Simple to erect, easy to configure and customise, the Kwikstage or Quickwedge system scaffolding range is especially popular due to its productivity improving features. Foremen and architects, city planners and interior designers, all of these professionals, they all benefit from this scaffolding form, all because of the special assembly techniques used in the product. No training is required, although a little experimentation may be required to maximize the confidence of the chosen assembler as he or she builds a once deadly serious framework with fluent ease.

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