What Makes Kwikstage Scaffolding One of the Most Commonly Used Scaffolding in Australia?

July 19, 2019

The scaffolding industry in Australia has grown beyond all expectations over the last few years. Presumably, the expansion is taking place as a response to our nation's own accelerated infrastructural developments. At any rate, if this progress gradient is to be sustained, safely sustained, premier scaffolding solutions are needed. Tested as safe, commended by contractors and DIY enthusiasts alike, Kwikstage scaffolding has earned its place here as Australia's scaffolding headliner.

Scaffolders Seek Out Straightforward Erection Solutions

Needless to say, Australian scaffolders are proficient workers. However, a first-rate erection technician is only as good as the gear he's using. It's important that a company manager knows this fact and knows it well. Having come up through the ranks, as is often the way in Aussie work communities, the boss makes sure the team gets their training and certificates updated. Now the focus of this post turns away from the scaffolders and towards the staging. If this is a generic system, fair enough, the work gets done, the temporary framework goes up, and the inspector gives out a passing grade. All the same, too much time is spent making the gear safe. The fasteners need extra time, which is used to tighten some finicky linkage. Non-modular, the cross-member don't couple intuitively, so things feel unsafe, at least they do until a time-consuming double-check is made.

Kwikly Ticks All the Right Boxes

So far, a generic system works and is safe to work upon, but what a lot of effort it took to make things secure. Franky, that's not the way it should be, not in Australia, not anywhere. Kwikstage Scaffolding rejects that generic mode of operation. Gone are the individual cross members and non-conforming fasteners. Fast to erect, Kwikstage frameworks are modular and lightweight. That means less backbreaking effort and more economy of movement. It also means even a semi-skilled labourer can erect a relatively intricate tower, which is probably why painters and electricians prefer this modular system. Trained to wield a brush or an electrician's screwdriver, contractors know that Kwikstage assembly work is easier to perform because of its snap-on braces and scalable bays, plus its many modular fittings and accessories.

Indeed, it's hard to single out one leading feature. The many accessories and that modular scalability factor enable expert scaffolders to build all sorts of intricate staging towers. Elsewhere, semi-skilled workers can assemble their own smaller Kwikstage constructs. Masons and electricians, carpenters and painters, all of these professions benefit when hiring this easy to erect scaffolding. Then there's the fact that, strengthened by captive wedge connectors, there's no need for additional transverse bracing. All-in-all, Australia is clearly enamoured with Kwikstage Scaffolding.

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